Mission & Vision

GlobFestival is the first platform used to find choral events in every part of the world. The fundamental principle is to offer to all your visitors the possibility to select main events and take part in them. You will meet new friends, be able to visit a beautiful city, to discover the culture of friendship and love and you will contribute to spreading the importance of choral music: while learning how it unifies the people!

GlobFestival, goes live on the internet in 2016, it is completely managed by the Italian Tour Operator “MALDIVIAGGI” that has worked in the tourism sector and organizing musical events since 1999.

Our organization, with this platform, in addition to connecting about 300 events all over the world (festivals, workshops, masterclasses, concerts, etc.) realized the main events and made sure of all aspects of the events.

Why you should choose us

Our organization knows the sector in an extraordinary way. It is supported by music teachers, choral members, choir directors, managers and young marketing students that have been in part of tourism and choral music during their life and for their future.
With GlobFestival we offer you the ability to select the event that suits your demands, and you will have the possibility to select among many events occurring in all parts of the world.
We organize events for some time , our experience is a guarantee of transparency and competence. Our team is composed exclusively of qualified professionals and industry.
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